The members of the European Startup Network

  • logo-1

    Strengthening the Austrian entrepreneurial ecosystem

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  • Startups_BE

    We help tech entrepreneurs become successful by providing quality access to service providers, business partners, customers, and investors.

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  • logo-10

    We offer resources & guidance to help people grow their business

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  • bbf_logo

    Oriented to the business environment in Bulgaria

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  • startup-cypruswhite

    Join us in reshaping Cyprus’ entrepreneurship

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  • Startup Estonia
    Startup Estonia

    Developing the Estonian startup ecosystem

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  • logo-3

    Builds bridges between startup hubs, nations & continents

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  • lg1

    Promote high-growth & innovative entrepreneurship in Greece

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  • logo-13

    Mission: Ireland a global startup hub for jobs/innovation by 2020

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  • logo-4

    Supports and gives voice to the Startup ecosystem in Italy

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  • latvian_startup_asociation_logo_v2_grad

    We are here to promote the Latvian startup scene

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  • li

    Unites and represents all Lithuanian startup ecosystem players

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    The National Agency for Innovation & research in Luxembourg

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  • logo-12

    Accelerating the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands

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  • logo-14

    Building awareness to decision makers, politicians & gov officials.

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  • logo-2

    Create and boost a network of entrepreneurship

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  • rsz_1serbia_startup_logo_transparentno

    We help creative individuals build their dream companies.

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  • sapie

    Representing the needs of global and Slovak innovative companies

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  • logo-16

    Ensuring a network of support for launching & building start-ups.

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  • logo-spanish

    logo-spanishVoice to institutions & working towards improving the ecosystem

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  • Sweden

    Our purpose is to support young entrepreneurship in Sweden.

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  • logo-17

    We stand and speak up for startups in Switzerland.

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The supporters of the European Startup Network

  • logo-8

    To be a key resource in building the Norwegian Startup Scene

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  • lg3

    Build Nordic region towards leading global startup ecosystem

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As members of the European Startup Network, we kindly invite any National startup organisations fulfilling the following criteria:


  • membership of a representative number of startups
  • representation backed by startups/entrepreneurs
  • involvement in a regional/national startup manifesto with respective traction (that was created by the national startups/entrepreneurs)


  • transparency of sources and spending of income
  • having more than one financial supporter
  • democratic structures (e.g. being membership based)

Non Profit

  • The board decides democratically based on the criteria set above
  • Membership might be in a pending state if the applicants have shown commitment on fulfilling the set criteria via application
  • ESN will invite successful applicants for an in-person/online meeting and after a thorough discussion, those showing full commitment will be accepted as full or supporting members.